Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little help?

I read a lot of other fashion bloggers blogs every day. And I see that they have comments. Because people liked theit outfits, or maybe they have a subject talked about in that particular post. I just wanted some input from you guys on how to make an interesting blog, one that people want to comment and follow.

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Also, I'm obsessed with this picture


faddict said...

Beautiful pic, where is it from? I don't think there's any formula to getting comments/followers, I guess if you just keep posting regularly about your fashion interests you'll get a following! Nice blog!

Francheska said...

I adore this photo!
And I adore Lykke Li and her music! if you havn´t yet... check it out!
the jewelry in that photo is amazing isnt it?
I´m going to imitate it some day :)

- Ok now on your question.. I think it´s really good that you want your blog to be known and it´s awesome that you want people to read your ideas and inspirations and thoughts... but I also think that blogging is something you do for yourself.. Well in my case anyways! I absolutely appreciate and adoreee people´s comments on my blog! and all my followers make my day! And so do other bloggers... but in the end I post what I want like and I am just really honest with myself!!
I think your blog is already great! it´s diverse and you have so many great posts... So just keep doing what you do and eventually one person will follow your blog and the rest will follow!
You can trust me on that!!!! in the beginning I had like 2 readers who commented on my blog and those were my friends :) and then al of a sudden I get all these amazing comments! So you know I really think that this just takes... time and input?? :)
But just consider your blog as something that you do for yourself kinda thing! :) I hope this didn´t sound too... cliché :)!

- Also try to post different things from different sources... Like have a search on the internet for anything and everything and there will always be something that will catch your eye that you´re going to want to share no? songs, outfits, editorials, pictures, models, poems, etc etc :) I would really follow your blog here but I dont want to follow anyyy blogs on so if you have bloglovin, i would love to?

Ok enough talk from me hah !:)

Francheska said...

Ok bloglovin:

You go to
then you will have to sign up... then once you do you will be able to follow all the blogs you like!
Now to put your own blog onto bloglovin you will have to go somewhere on the site where it will say "claim a blog" i believe it is...
then you "claim" that a blog is yours.. you will then receive email to confirm that the blog is yours... and it might take a few hours or a day or two for bloglovin to confirm that the blog you claimed to be yours is in fact, yours. So basically once that is done you will be able to get a "badge" for your blog under settings or somewhere there and then you just basically copy and paste the html code to your blog.
Oh and you will need to make a post about bloglovin.. like copy and paste another code into a new post so that bloglovin knows its your blog kinda thing! It´s not as complicated as it sounds.. thats just my way of explaining it hah :)
good luck and let me know when you´ll be follow-able !

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

I would suggest giving people a couple different things they could comment on, and commenting back on their blogs helps too. xo Cari

DB said...

that's an awesome photo