Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The things we can find on the internet

I found this poem and I like it a lot
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How fun are those? Found them on the internet.

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King Louis XIV Inspired Wingtips

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Believe it or not, I don't think I've ever seen blue dyed leather. Unless, of course, black and tan are dyed leather. In that case, I would feel kinda stupid, because I didn't know that....

Okay, so today there was a tornado watch in my area. And in second period we had to do a real life tornado drill. It was kinda scary, because I was thinking that I could be sucked up into the tornado. Oohhh, but I could land in Oz like Zooey Deschanel did. Love her! The way she carries herself kinda reminds me of Ellen Paige, another one of my favorites.
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I would upload more pictures, but my computers being wack. I've been on it for way too long. >.<.
Anyways, it was depressing and sad today because of the rain. I felt so unproductive. I've been on the computer for like, 5 hours. I even heard it hailed, I just forget where....
Good news though! I got pulled out of school early to get some passport stuff done. I'm going to Belize over the summer, so physched! I don't know if I'll get to shop and what not, seeing as it's a church mission trip, but I'll get to eat some foreign foods. But I really want to wander around, and come upon one of those streets with a plethora (nice word, ehh?) of markets. Where things are handmade and seem to be one of a kind and have the feel of the Belize culture in it.

Well, I'll try to go do something productive, like practice my songs on my guitar.
So long!

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